my ghost in the bush of lies PAUL WESSELS   
"your ghost had me laughing seven ways"

"A beautifully bizarre quasi-novel."

"Paul Wessels's poetry and prose ... forces into places that language seems to resist. It's like he makes fictions in order to withstand the unbearable physicality. It's beyond what we can know, so he pushes hard, as hard as a body lunging against a body."

ANTON R. KRUEGER, Wordfest 6 July, 2005:
"an unstoppable, genre-defying assault on the senses. Every word is precise, and each page has been honed down to the barest essentials, and yet the language still seems excessive. ... makes a mockery of any desire for the coherence and unity of identity. In permitting this savage explosion, these fractured revelations, the author has obliterated himself. Now we know everything and nothing. He has become the purest conduit of the messages which flow through him."