earthstepper/the ocean is very shallow
seitlhamo motsapi
0958454221     2003     2nd Ed.              Due date: July 2003
Seitlhamo Motsapi's highly acclaimed first collection of poems "earthstepper/ the ocean is very shallow" (Deep South/ISEA, 1995; Deep South, 2002) is the work of a poet whose "love is like a river or a fist with forty fingers". Traversing a landscape apocalyptically denuded by "politricks" and "the harmies of amerikkka" the poets "meditashuns" mesh and entwine with poetic brilliance. His voice is deeply integrated in one who is "infinitely present / & yet invisible like the sky". Seitlhamo Motsapi is "armed and ganjaras" with a subterranean darkness: "i fierce my furrowed eye to a / boulder plowed in the face / & as you wonder / whether I bring smile or smite / my furnace thinks of you" Using irony, understatement and hyperbole through the filters of pan-Africanism and mysticism, Motsapi boldly takes on an all too human world of delusion, cruelty and stupidity: "the ocean is very shallow / a time short like loss / a mountain low like hate". Whilst false-paths spring up right and left, "the masterplan is not a flag or two" and the poet keeps on moving on: "just don let de green of de spliff / curtain u from the red of mah blood / as piggin Babylon runs with de gold".

slave trades & an artist's notebook
ari sitas
0620250526     2000     190pp.

ari sitas
In 1874, aged 20, the visionary poet Arthur Rimbaud abandoned poetry and left France for Africa. He spent some years in Cyprus and Aden before settling in Ethiopia during the reign of kings Menelek and Makonnen. He became a trader in coffee, guns and hides, and toyed with the idea of trading in slaves. SLAVE TRADES is an attempt to express the voice of a cynical Rimbaud, his Ethiopian "wives", the voices of the marketplace, priests, poets and kings. These voices form a fugue of vivid images of early colonial brutality and African resistance, both political and spiritual: "I hope still, therefore I am". ARTIST'S NOTEBOOK is a fictional account of the same terrain set in the 1990s. Ethiopia is war-ravaged, and a group of disaffected people, some of them descendants of the characters in Slave Trades, are puzzling out their roots and their identities.

the girl who then feared to sleep & other poems
angifi dladla
0620277777      2002    80pp.

Angifi Proctor Dladla is a history and language teacher in Katlehong. During the State of Emergency in the 1980s he was known as Muntu wa Bachaki or Udibi Lwase Sandlwana. He founded the Akudlalwa Communal Theatre in Katlehong, and co-founded Bachaki Theatre Ensemble in Johannesburg. As playwright he has written Mene Tekel, Mistess Magumbo, Dennis the Goat on Trial, Saragorah, and co-written several other plays. As poet who writes in both English and Zulu, he is often called upon to read and sing his poems at weddings, farewells, funerals, launches, motivational campaigns and graduation ceremonies. For the past few years he has taught writing and theatre to inmates at Boksburg Prison. The Girl Who Then Feared to Sleep is his first book of poems.

joan metelerkamp
0958454213     2003          Due date: July 2003

white-heart: prologue to hysteria, part one
lesego rampolokeng
095845423X     2004          forthcoming
richard fox
0958454248     2003          Due date: September 2003
ten flapping elbows mama
khulile nxumalo
0958454264     2003          Due date: September 2003
sunrise poison
phillip zhuwao
0958454256     2004          forthcoming
mzwandile matiwana
0958454299     2004          forthcoming