whiteheart: prologue to hysteria LESEGO RAMPOLOKENG   

Critical Acclaim for Lesego Rampolokeng:

"The brother has got balls the size of his vocab. Respect."

"Rampolokeng juggles language and reinvents syntax with the dexterity and ingenuity of a master magus. Words come alive in rhythm, rhyme and rebellion, jostling with one another in density of expression. ... Like a coldly gleaming executioner's axe, the author slices savagely through social pretensions to expose a stinking morass, a world mired in filth and despair."

PAUL WESSELS, Cape Times (full text here):
"The dark Kafkaesque humour of Lesego Rampolokeng is an arrow shot to the heart of the complacent, those "wearing the victim label/ everyone a sufferer/ pretending there never was a biafra/ can't see ethiopia for myopia". But his concern is less with an overtly party-political struggle, than it is with a struggle against fascism in everyday life."